Envision Design Services

Paula Caponetti Designs (PCD), a full service interior design firm serving the northern and central New Jersey areas and New York City, announces the launch of its proprietary, 3-D room design platform.

Named the Envision Design Service, the platform aims to “enhance the PCD experience for my clients,” says PCD founder Paula Caponetti, “by providing them with 3-D renderings of complete rooms in color. Envision Design Service takes out the guesswork of just how their finished rooms will look.”

“Envision brings rooms alive,” Caponetti explains. “The service enables clients to see furniture, wall coverings, windows, fabrics, paint, flooring, and more from any angle and under any light before purchasing a single item.”

The Envision process begins with Caponetti conducting an in depth client interview to ascertain the client’s aesthetic needs and the desired function of a room, such as a TV viewing or family room, a master bedroom, or a dining room.

Next Caponetti composes a computer generated, 2D black and white floor plan that provides a bird’s eye view of the room, its fixtures, and furnishings.

Then Caponetti presents a black and white elevation, typically of the wall that features the focal point of the room, such as a television, fireplace, or bed. The elevation also provides views of the room’s windows, furniture placement, wall textures on the focal point wall.

The Envision process ends with Caponetti providing a 3D, color rendering of the entire room that enables clients to view the room from multiple angles and lighting conditions.

“I am very excited to offer the Envision Design Service to my clients,” says Caponetti. “It is the next step in the evolution of Paula Caponetti Designs and in PCD’s commitment to providing its clients with the best customer service at an affordable price.”